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The Genius of Water Trackerz

Track your water the easy way.

Water Trackerz



water bottle tracker band Summer Rainbow Collection
Summer Rainbow Collection
water bottle tracker band Summer Rainbow Collection
   Americana Collection

What people are saying about Water Trackerz

Using Water Trackerz helped me see that I was not drinking as much water as I thought I was. Being a competitive person, Water Trackerz really helped me becuase they allowed me to set a goal for myself and I had a visual reminder to meet that goal. Love them!

– Rachel

As someone who has survived on Mountain Dew and coffee for 40 years, I knew it was time to start adding water to my daily routine. No matter how hard I tried to force myself to drink water, I would never finish a single cup. When I started using Water Trackrz, I set a goal to flip one band a week on a 32 oz. bottle, hoping to flip four by the end of the month. Over the past couple of months, I have increased my waster intake to the point that I flip four bands twice in a week.


Water Trackerz have been a huge help for me. They have helped me realize how much (or how little) water I drink every day. My doctor’s advice to me was to “drink water.” I think that advice is given to many people, especially senior citizens.

– Claire

Love your Water Bottle

Keep your bottle with you everywhere you go. We suggest having a minimum
of three bottles so that you always have at least one clean bottle ready to go.

This aids in habit formation and acts as a constant reminder to drink more

water. Pair with Water Trackerz bands to help track your intake and personalize

your bottles.

Water Bottles

Live Infinitely




water bottle tracker band Summer Rainbow Collection
Hydrapeak ACTIVE 32 oz
water bottle tracker band Summer Rainbow Collection
Live Infinitely 24 oz 
32 oz FuelMate
32 oz FuelMate
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