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How to Start Drinking More Water

There are many methods that can be used but tracking your water intake with Water Trackerz is the easy way to drink more water. You may have tried other methods such as water tracking apps, pen and paper, getting a water bottle with hourly markers, setting alarms on your phone, or simply declaring that today you will start to drink more water, but none of those methods are as “in your face” as Water Trackerz water bottle bands. However, you should still explore each one and use them in conjunction with the essential steps described below. Although none of the aforementioned methods are as effective as using Water Trackerz water bottle bands, some can be used to enhance the use of Water Trackerz and may be helpful to some.

1. Find a water bottle you love and coordinating Water Trackerz

With water tracking bands, you just need to find a water bottle that works best for you, a bottle that you truly love, and a set of Water Trackerz that complements your bottle. The hardest part about using them is remembering to keep your water bottle with you at all times. As long as your water bottle is visible, you will have a constant reminder to drink your water and you will also see your goal for the day by looking at how many bands have been flipped.

1 band = 1 bottle

It’s that easy. Flip a band every time you finish drinking a full bottle of water and you will be able to easily track your water consumption. Drinking water is so important for your health, quality of life, and even beauty. You can’t afford not to drink it.

2. Make observations before setting goals

If you are just beginning a new water drinking routine, it may be helpful to just relax and see how much water you drink each day using your new bottle and water bottle bands. Don’t put pressure on yourself to do more, the goal here is to establish your baseline water consumption now that you have a water bottle that you like and keep with you. During this time, focus on keeping your water bottle with you at all times, even when you leave the house or office. Take it with you everywhere. Do this for 1 to 2 weeks, as long as it takes to develop a habit of having your water bottle with you at all times. Having your water bottle with you should be on the same level as having your phone with you.

3. Set a small achievable goal

Once you have a habit of keeping your water bottle with you and flipping water tracking bands each time you finish a full bottle of water, now you can begin to set goals. You should already know your water intake range – the low end and high end of how much water you typically drink each day. For many people, their first goal is to become more consistent with their water consumption. For example, if I have been drinking between 10 ounces and 40 ounces of water each day, my first goal may be to drink 30 ounces consistently everyday. Once I am achieving that goal consistently for a week or more, I may choose to increase it. Using Water Trackerz, this means that you may need to begin by setting weekly goals instead of daily goals. For example, I may aim to flip all five water tracker bands in a week rather than in a day.

Other Tips

If you are already accustomed to using an app or other method to drink more water, you don’t have to stop doing so in order to use Water Trackerz water bottle bands. Simply incorporate the steps above into your current methods and routine.

Although other methods exist and are valuable, none allow you to track your water intake other than in a non-physical way. Water tracking bands give you a tangible goal marker you can see, touch, feel, and interact with in a way that is not possible with other water tracking methods. In addition, they can be placed on almost any water bottle giving you the ability to customize and change your preferences as often as you like. Frequently mixing and matching your bands and bottles makes old items seem new again and can actually increase your motivation to keep your water bottle with you, flip bands, and drink more water.