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Water Trackerz – Water Bottle Bands, Red, White, and Blue


Water Trackerz let you easily track your water intake. Place water bottle bands on your bottle with solid color facing outward. Flip a band every time you finish a bottle.

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NEW! Three-color designs!

These colors are so versatile and always popular! They are perfect for both men, women, kids, fourth of July, school colors and more.

Find the perfect combination of Grey, Red, White, and Blue to represent your country, school, or team colors.

Classic Americana colors Red, White, and Blue water tracker bands from Awesome Life never go out of style.

The Blue matte silicone band is typically the “default” outer color that will be visible most often (you could easily switch this so that Red and White is your primary color if you like). When all bands are flipped you will see a Red and White pattern of your choice showing.

This color combination works really well on grey water bottles such as this 24 oz. Insulated Bottle from Live Infinitely. The red in this color combo is a dark barn or rust red so keep that in mind when you are choosing the perfect bottle. You can’t go wrong with a black, white, grey, or navy bottle.


Finally! There is now an easy way to track how much water you drink each day!

To track your water, place Water Trackerz bands on your favorite water bottle with a single color facing outward (teal color). When you finish drinking a full bottle, flip the first band to reveal the alternate color. Refill bottle, drink, flip and repeat. (Water bottle not included)

  • Fits most reusable water bottles. Band circumference is 23cm (~9 inches)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Colors may vary slightly due to monitor settings

These water trackers make great gifts for anyone who is wanting to make positive life changes with their health and habit formation. Water tracking bands are perfect for anyone wanting to start a diet and stick with it to make lifestyle changes that will last. Whether you want to loose weight or just maintain your health, these water bottle bands will make drinking and tracking water easier and more manageable.

Other methods of water tracking are difficult to use because they require extra effort – such as keeping your bullet journal or water tracking app with you at all times. Water Trackerz are the easiest water tracking method because they stay on your water bottle all day. As long as you have your reusable water bottle, you will be able to track you water easily with Water Trackerz.


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