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Do you feel repulsed by water and literally cannot bring yourself you drink more than one sip at a time? You may have something else going on.

When I first became serious about drinking water, I found it almost impossible to actually drink it. Once I began tracking my water with Water Trackerz I realized how little I was drinking. Even though I wasn’t drinking any other liquids, I still couldn’t bring myself to drink my water. I was lucky if I could get down about 25 oz per day.

Later I found out that my issue was due to an imbalance of candida which was causing all kinds of other issues as well. I cut out all sugar (switched to stevia only) and the aversion to water was no more. I was able to chug copious amounts of water with joy after less than 2 weeks of removing sugar from my diet.

Here are a few reasons you could be having this issue. To determine the true cause, you many need to seek out a functional medicine doctor to assist you with this issue.  The information provided here is not medical advice.

Other Reasons You May Not Like Water

1. Water composition

Is the water you are drinking clean? Is it pure? If the water is discolored, or has a strange odor or taste, then it isn’t pure water. It may technically be safe to drink, but there are additional chemicals or minerals in the water. Your body knows this and is telling you this isn’t the best water for you. Try a few different brands of bottled water and maybe invest in a higher priced water filter that can remove some of those elements from your water.

2. Rabies

When you hear that someone has an aversion to water, the first terrifying thought to go through most people’s minds is that they could have rabies. Rabies is a virus that is found worldwide and is typically spread through the bite of an infected animal. Rabies is pretty rare so unless you have been bitten recently, this is probably not the cause of your aversion to water. In fact, you should seek medical attention before you have symptoms of any kind. If you wait until symptoms appear, it will probably be too late.

3. Partaking in non-water beverages

On any given day, once you begin partaking in non-water beverages, it can be very difficult to switch back to drinking water. If you are serious about drinking water, make sure water is the first thing you drink in the morning and put off drinking non-water beverages as long as possible. Better yet, cut them out of your diet completely.

4. Consuming foods with a high water content

If you are steadily consuming foods with a high water content throughout the day, you may not be keen on drinking your water. Foods such as soups and fruits have a high water content and this can trick your body into feeling like you have consumed enough liquids. However, these liquids are not the same as pure water. You may have to try it to believe it but drinking pure water (some lemon is ok) will lead to amazing results your body will come to crave.


5. Cold Weather

If you are the type of person who is ALWAYS cold when everyone else is just fine, then this is for you. In the winter, you may tend to wake up cold and then never get warm. Drinking anything other than a warm beverage just makes it worse. You may have never consciously realized this, but if you were tracking your water intake, you might notice less water intake during the colder months.

The solution? I have to admit that I haven’t found a great solution for this one yet but here is one way to drink your water and also a warm beverage. Heat up a glass of water, add lemon (or lemon juice), and a sweetener of your choice. I use liquid stevia. It isn’t a perfect solution but it will allow you to drink pure water and stay warm at the same time.


Warning: Do not chug more than 1 gallon of water per hour. This can kill you. Consult with your doctor before making changes to your water consumption routine. The information you see here is not medical advice.

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